Baby Shower

Close up of present fro baby shower at the table

Have you been tasked with throwing a baby shower? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve got suggestions for throwing a shower that’s beautiful and fun, with these fun games and a few helpful tips thrown in for good measure.

Let’s talk tips, first. The person for whom you’re throwing the shower is likely to have strong ideas about its toss around ideas before you make any plans. Will it be co-ed? Should it be a casual get-together or something more sophisticated? Pick a theme like tea party, garden party, or something baby-related like teddy bears or rubber ducks, and choose your furnishings, tableware, linens, and décor in keeping with the theme. Then pick from these nearly universally enjoyed games, and you’re sure to have a fun event.

· Baby Taboo: Greet guests with diaper pins or small clothespins to attach to their shirts, instructing them not to say “baby”. Whoever slips up must forfeit the pin, giving it to the person who caught the slip. The guest with the most pins at the end wins!

· Matching games: Pick a topic and create a simple matching game, worked alone or on teams. For example, you might match celebrity baby names with the famous parents, or terms for baby animals with the type of animal.

· Guess the Baby: Get each guest to bring one of his or her own baby pictures, then prominently display them on a table and let people write down guesses for which picture belongs to each guest.

· What’s in the Bag? Put baby-related items in a diaper bag, give the guests paper and pencil, then pass the bag around. During each person’s turn, he or she must reach into the bag without looking, feel the objects, and write down guesses for each item. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize, and the parents-to-be get to keep the bag!

· Mommy/Daddy Questions: A fun game for a co-ed shower, this one involves asking each parent several questions about the pregnancy, their reactions, and their hopes for the baby, making sure they’re not in the same room. Bring them together and ask the questions again, letting each answer for the other before revealing their answers at the same time.

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